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Why Invest In UAE

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  • A tax-free city, with no income or capital gain tax.
  • Dubai, UAE offers Free Zones areas, which offers 100% foreign ownership of companies.
  • Easily accessible, having direct flights from all the major cities in the world.
  • A popular tourism destination with its fabulous shopping malls, five-star hotels, beautiful beaches and numerous attractions.
  • Extremely safe, having a very low crime rate – making it a perfect place for families and individuals.
  • A paradise in the Desert.

Why Invest in Dubai?

  • Dubai Expo 2020, present an ideal platform for the property prices to bounce back as the prices are inexpensive in comparison to other similar trading hubs around the world.
  • Dubai property market continues to mature and stabilize as a result of strategically implemented government regulations, including the increased property registration fees and mortgage caps, so 2016 will be the perfect time to invest.
  • Gross returns for both small and large apartments in Dubai are delivering between 5.87 per cent and 7.21 per cent yield which is higher than Hong Kong, Singapore and London.
    Rental income from property is a stable source of income, and while it might fluctuate, is highly unlikely to vanish altogether. Compare that to interest on deposit accounts or dividends on shares. Good investment properties in Dubai offer 8-10% rent return (after deduction of maintenance feed).
  • Dubai property freehold property is open to any investor from anywhere in the world.
  • Financing of the real estate investment is available, with more than 28 local/international banks providing various financing options.